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Workshop for Bishops DVDs (2013)



A complete set of 4 DVDs from the 2013 NCBC Workshop for Bishops entitled Bioethics Through the Eyes of Faith: Serving Christ in the Sick and Vulnerable. NCBC Workshops for Bishops are held every two years and are funded by a generous grant from the Knights of Columbus. This set of DVDs contains presentations by internationally known experts on various topics such as "Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment", "Use of Biological Matter of Illicit Origin", and "The Bishop's Relationship to Catholic Health Care and Structure". This 24th Workshop was given to assist bishops in deepening their understanding of the complex moral, ethical, and institutional issues that arise in modern science and medicine -- issues that affect dioceses and Catholic health care systems every day. These DVDs are an excellent resource and are recommended for bishops and their staff, diocesan and parish offices, and any individual with an interest in bioethics who wishes to learn more by watching the lectures from this year's Workshop. This set of DVDs contains the following video presentations from the 2013 Workshop in their entirety:


Vol 1.  Faith and Work Through Charity, Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment, Use of Biological Material of Illicit  Origin
        (Oscar Andres Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga, E. Christian Brugger, Rev. Nicanor Pier Giorgio Austriaco)


Vol 2.  Role of Ethics Committees, Same-Sex Parenting Studies, Keynote Address
        (Sr. Jane Marie Klein, Thomas Finn, Most Rev. Gerhard Ludwig Muller)


Vol 3.  The Complexities of Providing Health Care Insurance, Models for the Sustainability of Catholic Health Care, Ethics  Audits and Mission Integration, The Bishop's Relationship to Catholic Health Care and Structure
        (Edmund F. Haislmaier, Vincent C. Caponi, Msgr. Mark J. Merdian, Rev. Phillip Brown)


Vol 4.  Institutional Cooperation, Legal Challenges to the Mandate: Status Quaestionis, From Roe v. Wade to the Present:  Moral Steadfastness Amid Shifting Cultural Norms
        (John M. Haas, John A. DiCamillo, William L. Saunders, O. Carter Snead)