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Workshop for Bishops DVDs (2007)


A complete set of 4 DVDs from the 2011 NCBC Workshop for Bishops titled A Universal Moral Language: Bioethics and the Natural Law. NCBC Workshops for Bishops are held every two years and are funded by a generous grant from the Knights of Columbus. This set of DVDs contains presentations by internationally known experts on various topics such as "The Feminist Case Against Abortion", and "Same-Sex Attraction and Gender Identity". This 23rd Workshop was given to assist bishops in responding to inquiries, particularly from the media, with universally appealing arguments drawn from natural law rather than Church teaching.


This set of DVDs contains video presentations, but also a variety of PowerPoint and print presentations of the topics.


Vol 1. Keynote and Welcome Addresses
        (Carl A. Anderson, John H. Garvey, Rev. Robert J. Spitzer)

Vol 2. Technology, Feminism, and Stem Cell Research
        (Marie Meaney, Arthur Ennis, Serrin Foster, Maureen Condic)

Vol 3. Gender Identity, Same-Sex "Marriage" and Euthanasia
        (Richard Fitzgibbons, Brian Brown, John Keown, Rose F. Kennedy)

Vol 4. Personalism, Conscience, and Health Care Law
        v.(Janet E. Smith, Rev. Michael J. McGivney, Richard Doerflinger)