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NCBC Summaries 


 The following Summaries have been prepared by the Ethicists of the NCBC and made available to bishops participating in the NCBC Biennial Workshop for Catholic Bishops. Each two-page document contains an outline of key Church teachings or ethical principles and brief statements of application, responses to Frequently Asked Questions, and suggested readings. The Summaries are periodically modified and updated as needed.



Bioethical Principles

Moral Teaching

Cooperation with Evil

Institutional Collaboration

Conscientious Objection



Particular Bioethical Issues


      • Early Life Issues

Abortion, Contraception, and Parenthood

Ectopic Pregnancy

Maternal-Fetal Vital Conflicts

Infertility Treatments

Natural Family Planning

Early Induction of Labor


      • Human Sexuality Issues

Ministering to those with Same Sex Attraction

Same Sex Parenting

Problematic Marital Issues

Brief Statement on Transgenderism


      • Choosing Appropriate Medical Care 

Nutrition and Hydration



      • End of Life Issues

Determination of Brain Death

End-of-Life Care



Issues of Cooperation in Evil

Compliance with Insurance Mandates

Compliance with Insurance Mandates 2

Illicit Material Origins



General Issues & Practices in Catholic Health Care

Bishops and Health Care

Health Care Leadership

Ethics Committees 

Ethics Audits