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The National Catholic Bioethics Center
Two Victories for The NCBC in Defense of Human Dignity
July 2015
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Two Victories for The NCBC in Defense of Human Dignity

June 10, 2015

The National Catholic Bioethics Center had two heartening successes this week after striving to defeat unethical legislation in the Capitol and in California while working to defend the life and dignity of our most vulnerable citizens.

First, thanks to the concerted efforts of the NCBC and over 500 others, the US House of Representatives voted to eliminate the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) provisions of theAffordable Care Act (ACA). This step was praised by the Healthcare Leadership Council, an organization comprised of leaders from all US healthcare sectors, including the NCBC. The Center was a signatory to a letter requesting this revision to the ACA. The board is comprised of Presidential appointees, who are not confirmed by the US Senate, charged with making recommendations to cut Medicare expenditures which will not be subject to administrative or judicial review.  The Senate now is responsible for considering this bill. Read the letter from the NCBC and the group, HERE.


Next, after the NCBC's successful push to spread the word and defend the citizens of California, the Center, with the National Catholic Partnership on Disability (NCPD) and numerous national and local disability advocates, has finally prevailed in its efforts to convince the California Assembly’s Health Committee to reject the legalization of physician-assisted death, a proposal that already had passed the state Senate. This proposal was expected to pass the Assembly once the California Medical Association decided not to oppose it. Through letters sent to the California Governor and committee members, the NCPD —whose Ethics and Public Policy Committee is chaired by our own Dr. Marie Hilliard—and the National Catholic Bioethics Center were able to expose the truth of such proposals: Vulnerable persons, including those with disabilities, will be the victims of abuse allowed by such laws. Click HERE to read the full letter that brought about such an incredible success.

To learn more about the NCBC's Public Policy work, please click HERE