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The National Catholic Bioethics Center
The NCBC Signs Amicus Brief in Defense of Priest for Life
August 2015
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The NCBC Signs Amicus Brief in Defense of Priest for Life

August 25, 2015
NCBC has signed on to an amicus brief in support of the religious freedom of Priests for Life. A panel of the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals allowed a lower court’s ruling to stand, thereby denying religious freedom to Priests for Life by forcing them to comply with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ employer Contraceptive Mandate. The Mandate violates the religious freedom of this faith-based organization by forcing it to be complicit in providing to its employees contraception, including abortifacient drugs and devices. The Court also denied a request for a full court review of this case, compelling Priests for Life to face the choice of violating their faith or paying huge fines. Priests for Life are now petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene. Religious freedom is the bedrock of this democracy, and the foundation for our very existence as a country. NCBC recognizes that when the religious freedom of one group is violated by the law, all groups, especially faith-based organizations of conscience, are vulnerable to similar violations.  NCBC is happy to stand with Priests for Life in support of their religious freedom.

To see a copy of the amicus brief with The Center mentioned on page three, click HERE.