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The National Catholic Bioethics Center
Ethics and Medics February 2018
February 2018
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Ethics and Medics February 2018 is now out!

In continuous publication for forty-three years, Ethics & Medics covers emerging issues in bioethics, medicine, and healthcare from a uniquely Catholic perspective. The winner of many awards over the course of its long history, this four-page bulletin appears twelve times per year and has published a wide range of accomplished 
authors, including physicians, lawyers, nurses, philosophers, theologians, ethicists, bishops, and cardinals. Each issue explores fundamental moral questions of concern to medicine, cutting-edge topics in science and technology, and personal accounts and case studies of those who have encountered challenges or found new insights in the field of healthcare.

Current Issue:

Sister Nurses of the Civil War by Sister Dolores Liptak, RSM.

How braving prejudice toward their religion and woeful mismanagement from a government unused to both modern combat and the latest in healthcare, the so-called "Angels of Mercy" became unlikely heroines of the Civil War.