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The National Catholic Bioethics Center
Ethics and Medics January 2018
January 2018
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The cover of Ethics & Medics January 2018Ethics and Medics January 2018 is now out!

In continuous publication for forty-three years, Ethics & Medics covers emerging issues in bioethics, medicine, and healthcare from a uniquely Catholic perspective. The winner of many awards over the course of its long history, this four-page bulletin appears twelve times per year and has published a wide range of accomplished
authors, including physicians, lawyers, nurses, philosophers, theologians, ethicists, bishops, and cardinals. Each issue explores fundamental moral questions of concern to medicine, cutting-edge topics in science and technology, and personal accounts and case studies of those who have encountered challenges or found new insights in the field of healthcare.

Current Issue:

Prenatal Testing and the Refusal of Care by Bridget Mora

Doctors and patients may have very different motivations when it comes to prenatal testing. If disability or potential disability is detected, pressure to abort may become intense. Bridget Mora sheds some light on a difficult issue.