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The National Catholic Bioethics Center
Dr. Marie T. Hilliard Elected to the International Catholic Committee of Nurses and Medical Social Assistants (CICIAMS) Executive Board

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Dr. Marie T. Hilliard, NCBC Director of Bioethics and Public Policy has been elected to the Executive Board of CICIAMS at its August General Council meeting held in Manzini, Swaziland. The International Catholic Committee of Nurses and Medical Social Assistants is a member association of the Vatican’s Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and Life.  She also currently serves on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Catholic Nurses-U.S.A. Dr. Hilliard is a  Registered Nurse, with graduate degrees in Nursing, Religious Education, and Canon Law, as well as an earned PhD in Professional (Nursing) Higher Education Administration.  In addition to being an ethicist and canon lawyer, she has years of nursing experience both in the United States Military (Army Colonel, USA, Ret.) and in the civilian sector.

CICIAMS came into being in Lourdes, France, under the name "International Study Committee for Catholic Nurses’ Associations" following a meeting of delegates of Catholic nurses’ associations from different countries held in Basel, Switzerland, in 1928. As the number of members increased including not only nurses but other professionals in the medical and social fields, the Committee took its present name in 1946.  It is recognized by the Holy See as an International Catholic Organization, and is a member of the Conference of ICOs. As an NGO, CICIAMS has consultative status at the WHO, UNICEF and the Council of Europe. CICIAMS encourages the establishment and development of Catholic professional associations in every country to provide nurses and medical/social workers with spiritual and moral support, and updated specialized training; it coordinates the initiatives that Catholic professional associations launch in order to deepen and advocate Christian thinking in the nursing and medical/social professions; it promotes health care and social work in accordance with scientific progress and in harmony with the principles of a Christian order which guarantees every human being the well-being and health that is their birthright, and always with respect for their religious convictions. CICIAMS pursues its objectives by organizing international meetings and study seminars, drawing up ethical guidelines, and with a solidarity Fund to support the establishment and work of Catholic nurses’ associations in the developing countries.