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Commercial Markets Created by Abortion
Tuesday, September 01, 2015 3:15:00 PM
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Commercial Markets Created by Abortion 

September 1, 2015

Many have expressed shock at the cavalier manner in which those who work for Planned Parenthood speak of the monetary value of fetal parts following abortion. The lives of these innocent human beings were of no value to those who destroyed them, but their remains are treated as an object of profit. From the videos, it is apparent that Planned Parenthood is altering the manner in which it carries out abortions in order to preserve what it sees as more valuable or marketable human materials. The whole episode displays the monstrous depravity of the abortion business, funded each year to the tune of one half billion dollars by the US government. Unfortunately, none of this is new to the Ethicists of The National Catholic Bioethics Center. In an essay that was published in our own Ethics & Medics by Victoria Evans, “Commercial Markets Created by Abortion” (August 2010), and available HERE. Thesordid practice is examined in considerable detail. Middlemen essentially pay rent to the abortion mill for the privilege of regularly receiving fetal materials, which they then sell to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and biologic sectors. The same materials can also be used in the production of cosmetics and hawked as having the potential to reverse human aging. Equally insidious, politicians defend this trafficking in the name of medical progress. The business is profitable enough to provide employment for numerous individuals who have no scruples about dealing in aborted baby parts. We invite our visitors to reread this archived article from a full five years ago to understand how this shady practice is conducted. So long as Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilitators are free to ply their murderous trade, there will be hangers-on who seek to benefit from the destruction of human life. Those scientists, researchers, and businesspersons who seeks profit from the destruction of human life are the callous beneficiaries of this heartless and shameful practice.  At the same time, Catholics and all who respect the dignity of each human life should consider not only what concrete actions can help to stop this, but also how we can support alternatives in biomedical research and development. 

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