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The National Catholic Bioethics Center
AMA Considers “Neutrality” on Doctor-Prescribed Suicide
September 30, 2016
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NCBC Supports USCCB Initiative Concerning American Medical Association’s Reconsideration of its Opposition to Doctor-Prescribed Suicide

URGENT: Send emails and letters to the AMA


The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has identified how opposition to doctor-prescribed suicide by national and state medical associations has been critical to preserving laws against such practices. The retreat from opposition to “neutrality” by state medical associations in Oregon, Vermont, and California was a key factor in the legalization of doctor- prescribed suicide in those states. Therefore, it is critically important that the AMA be urged to maintain its opposition to assisted suicide and euthanasia. Doctor-prescribed suicide is now legal in Oregon, Washington, Vermont, and California, and the practice may have some legal protection in the state of Montana. For more information see: the USCCB alert.


  1. Physicians, other individuals and organizations should send an email or letter to both individuals listed below urging them to maintain the AMA’s decades-long opposition to assisted suicide.  Try to emphasize one or more of the points provided on the back of this alert.
  2. Share this action alert with physicians, other individuals and organizations opposed to assisted suicide.
  3. Physicians should also contact the delegates and alternates who will represent their state or specialty society at the House of Delegates meetings in November 2016 and June 2017, urging them to oppose a change in the AMA’s position and to speak against this change at the interim meeting November 12-15 in Orlando.


Who to Contact at the AMA:


Dr. Andrew W. Gurman, MD                               Bette Crigger, PhD

President, American Medical Association             Secretary, Council on Ethical and Judicial

330 N Wabash, Ste 43482                                     Affairs (CEJA), American Medical Association

Chicago IL 60611-5885                                        330 N Wabash, Ste 43482

312.464.5618 ph --- 312.464.4094 fx                   Chicago IL 60611-5885                         312.464.5223 ph --- 312.224.6911 fx