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Bioethics on Air

Bringing you thoughtful, in-depth commentary on ethics at the crossroads of science, medicine, and daily life. 

Podcast 21: Catholic Identity in Health Care Education - Dr. Anthony Aretz

Podcast 20: Ethics and Brain Injury in Sports - Dr. Bennett Omalu

Podcast 19: Deactivating a Pacemaker - Rev. Benedict Guevin, OSB

Podcast 18: Sister Nurses of the Civil War - Sr. Dolores Liptak, RSM

Podcast 17: Tutorial on the HHS Mandate - Hillary Byrnes

Podcast 16: Legal Challenges of POLST - Cameo Anders, JD

Podcast 15: Legal Aspects of Advance Care Planning - Cameo Anders, JD

Podcast 14: The Principle of Double Effect - Dr. John Di Camillo

Podcast 13: A Culture of Encounter - Dr. Mary Shivanandan

Podcast 12: The Problem with Gender Dysphoria Part 2 - Dr. Edward Furton

Podcast 11: The Problem with Gender Dysphoria Part 1 - Dr. Edward Furton

Podcast 10: New Forms of Discrimination against the Disabled - Mary Forr

Podcast 9: The Decline of Scientific Credibility - Dr. Carr Smith

Podcast 8: Remnants of Life - Dr. Edward Furton

Podcast 7: Vaccines and the Common GoodDr. Gwyneth Spaeder

Podcast 6: End of Life Decision-Making - Dr. John Di Camillo

Podcast 5: Dignity at the MarginsDr. James Beauregard

Podcast 4: Pathways to KnowledgeDr. Thomas Sheahen,

Podcast 3: The Money in Your Genes - Joe Chiarella

Podcast 2: Paying People as if They MatterPaul Babcock

Podcast 1: Living in a CRISPR WorldFr. Nicanor Austriaco

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