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Diocesan Membership


Benefits And Services
DUES : $1,500 (Renewed Annually in the month first entered)

  • 24-hour emergency access to the President of the NCBC for the Bishop or his designee.
  • Six hours of consultation in the course of the year of membership. Could include discussion of specific clinical cases, review of protocols, formation of ethics committees, or for assistance with partnerships and similar collaborative affiliations with other health care institutions.
  • Annual print and electronic subscriptions to The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly, a professional journal presenting insights by leading Catholic bioethicists on current issues posed by developments in medicine, science, and biotechnology, including electronic access to prior years of the Quarterly.
  • Five annual print and electronic subscriptions to Ethics & Medics, the monthly commentary on ethical issues in health care and the life sciences.
  • A 40% discount on bulk subscriptions for clergy and diocesan staff of Ethics & Medics.
  • Periodic updates on issues in bioethics sent to you via email.
  • 20% discount on personnel costs for a one or two-day seminar on a topic chosen by the diocese.
  • One complimentary copy of a book published by the Center.
  • 20% off the list price of any book on the NCBC publication list.
  • 50% off the list price of an annual subscription to the NCBC's Making Sense of Bioethics newspaper column. 
  • Discounts on tuition for courses or programs offered by the NCBC.
  • Use of the library and research facilities of The National Catholic Bioethics Center.