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The New Charter For Health Care Workers

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The New Charter for Health Care Workers is a revision and updating of the earlier 1994 edition, also produced by the Pontifical Council for Health Care Workers. The work is divided into three major sections: “Procreating,” “Living,” and “Dying,” each of which lays out authoritative teachings in medical ethics grounded in the traditional resources of the Church. There are extensive citations to magisterial documents. The book will be of service to all who are working in healthcare, especially those in Catholic facilities or who are attending to Catholic patients. The text has been faithfully translated from the Italian by The National Catholic Bioethics Center and is the official Vatican text in English. From the Preface: “The Charter certainly cannot amount to an exhaustive treatment of all the problems and questions that come up in the field of healthcare and sickness, but it was produced to offer the clearest possible guidelines for the ethical problems that must be addressed in the world of healthcare in general, in harmony with the teachings of Jesus Christ and the magisterium of the Church.”