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Catholic Health Care Ethics: A Manual for Practitioners (Third Edition)

ISBN: 978-0-935372-70-0
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Completely updated and revised, the third edition of Catholic Health Care Ethics: A Manual for Practitioners, sets the standard for Catholic bioethicists, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers. In thirty-nine chapters (many with subchapters), leading authors in their field discuss a wide range of topics relevant to medicine and healthcare. The book has six parts covering foundational principles, health care ethics services, beginning-of-life issues, end-of-life issues, selected clinical issues, and institutional issues. Some highlights from the third edition include new entries on the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services, certitude in moral decision-making, clinical ethics consultation, natural family planning, prenatal testing and diagnosis, care of fetal remains, challenges to neurological criteria, the use of ventilators, POLST, alkaline hydrolysis, opportunistic salpingectomy, lethal prenatal diagnoses, transgenderism, and new age medicine. The volume continues to provide insightful information on the topics previously covered in the second edition, but with significant updates throughout.

753 + vii pages; with bibliographies, illustrations, and index