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The National Catholic Bioethics Center offers consultation services to individuals free of charge.

Individuals looking for resources are encouraged to consult the resources section of our website, which includes information by topic, FAQs, links to Church documents, as well as NCBC podcasts, statements, and topic summaries. All NCBC publications, including our model advance directive in A Catholic Guide to End of Life Decisions, our monthly publication Ethics & Medics, and our scholarly journal The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly,and can be accessed at the publications section of our website. Books can be purchased at our online store.

The NCBC consultation service is intended for individuals seeking moral information and guidance in the face of real-life problems. Research-oriented requests or questions about hypothetical situations, including requests for resources or other information for academic papers, are outside the scope of this service and may not receive a reply. 

There are two ways to submit a consultation request:  

1) Online Consultation Request Form An ethicist will respond to you by email within 5 business days.

2) Phone: call 215-877-2660, 24 hours/day -- 7 days/week. 


NOTE: The National Catholic Bioethics Center (Center) is a non-profit research and educational institute committed to applying the moral teachings of the Catholic Church to ethical issues arising in health care and the life sciences. The Center provides consultations to institutions and individuals seeking its opinion on the appropriate application of Catholic moral teachings to these ethical issues. Neither the Center's moral analyses nor any other project of the Center should be construed as an attempt to offer or render a legal or medical opinion or otherwise to engage in the practice of law or medicine, or other health care disciplines.