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Public Policy

Public Comment

The National Catholic Bioethics Center monitors developments in public policy that affect human dignity, and respond with written comment and/or testimony as advocates for the protection of human dignity. These comments are shared broadly with other agencies, and with NCBC constituents in order to keep all interested individuals informed so that they are better prepared to provide their own response.

NCBC Public Comment - 2016

  • May, 2016
    TRICARE Transgender Regulation Proposal.pdf
  • May, 2016
    USDOL Sex Discrimination.pdf
  • May, 2016
    VCA Transplantation.pdf
  • May, 2016
    Assisted Suicide Nebraska.pdf
  • May, 2016
    USHUD-Gender Identity Rules-Comments-filed-1 19 2016.pdf
  • January, 2016
    Contraceptive Mandate Zubik, et al US Supreme Court.pdf
  • January, 2016
    NonDiscriminationHealthCareActivitiesHHS11 9 2015.pdf
  • July, 2016
    Conscience Protection Act 2016 July.pdf
  • August, 2016
    MedicareCaid Proposed Rule Gender Identity 2016.pdf
  • September, 2016
    16-273 Gloucester Cnty Sch Bd v GG Amici Brief-First Liberty.pdf
  • September, 2016
    The NCBC Statement on Chimeras

NCBC Public Comment - 2015

  • January, 2015
    Contraceptive Mandate Michigan Catholic Conference et al US Supreme Court.pdf
  • December, 2015
    Rights and Best Interest of Embryos Loeb v. VergaraThomas-More-Society-2016.pdf
  • September, 2015
    ISSCR 2015 Guidelines Review-final submission 9-10-15.pdf
  • November, 2015
    NonDiscriminationHealthCareActivitiesHHS11 9 2015.pdf

NCBC Public Comment - 2013

  • November, 2013
    TexasPlanned Parenthood v Abbott amicus brief of AAPLOG et al.