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Public Policy

The office of Public Policy is the informational and coordinating unit for all public policy initiatives related to ethical issues arising in health care and the life sciences, at the local, state or national level.

Marie T. Hilliard, PhD, JCL, RN Senior Fellow Marie T. Hilliard, PhD, JCL, RN Senior Fellow

This office and all of its initiatives serve to provide to those seeking such information an inculcation of the teachings of the Catholic Church to enable them to articulate their value in addressing challenges in the public policy domain.

The office of Public Policy reviews emerging issues, trends, and proposed policies, rules, regulations and legislation, to determine their impact on: the delivery of health care respectful of human life and dignity; the protection of marriage and the family; the rights of conscience and religious liberty of all human service and health care providers and consumers; and the wellbeing of society and the common good.

Informational materials concerning such matters are developed and disseminated. NCBC position papers and public comments are developed and made available to relevant government bodies, public and private organizations, and the general public. Consultation to those seeking to impact existing or proposed public policy is provided through this office. Those wishing to advocate for life and family-affirming policies are referred to agencies and resources to have their voices heard.

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