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The National Catholic Bioethics Center Offers Free Ethics Consultations?


Hello Friends of the NCBC,

We at The National Catholic Bioethics Center would ask you to consider our appeal and make a donation to the NCBC today.

No matter what the coming year may hold, The National Catholic Bioethics Center will be working to make good on our guarantee that a credentialed ethicist will be available 24/7 to assist you, and anyone you know, with the most difficult moral and ethical decisions one must make, particularly dilemmas concerning the beginning and end of life.

Now more than ever the Center's work is crucial, as we prepare to answer questions and provide support to the Catholics and other Christians who will be affected by the decisions pending in the Supreme Court — decisions that will affect the health care, conscience rights, and religious liberty of millions of believers in our nation.

As the president of The National Catholic Bioethics Center, Dr. John Haas knows just how deeply people appreciate our consultation service:            

 “People have come up to me after Mass, and others have emailed, written, and telephoned just to tell me how grateful they are for the guidance provided by one of our ethicists on consult duty. We must continue this valuable service to those in need.”
                                                           BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!
The NCBC consultation service is costly, in both money and time. As we approach the end of our fiscal year and look ahead at the challenges to come, we need to ensure that its costs do not exceed our resources. Your generosity will help to ensure the future of this service.
Thank you for taking some time to read our appeal. We hope that you will donate to support this important service.

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Please pray for The National Catholic Bioethics Center and the success of its mission: To uphold human dignity every day in medicine and the life sciences. 

May God bless you all.

The National Catholic Bioethics Center